cir5We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness and we’d like to take the time to thank you for allowing us to present some information concerning our business.

At Faster Fitness we believe that the most important step is the first step. We have made it easy for you to get started with a no cost, no risk and no obligation jump-start kit. Come try our team training for a full 14-days and receive unlimited training. This is the perfect opportunity for you to see for yourself why we are voted the BEST fitness choice in Fullerton.

Faster Fitness is your alternative to large, impersonal gyms. We focus on relationships with our members, customer service that exceeds your expec- tations, and education designed to help you get the most out of your work- outs. We are not your typical “social club,” warehouse type gym, nor are we the“hardcore”gym depicted in most magazines and television shows.

Check Out Our Client Results

  • I learned that Faster Fitness is not just a place that you come to work out.  The trainers motivate you to become the best version of yourself, not only physically but also in all areas of life.  It is a great feeling to feel your body becoming stronger and to find out what you are capable of doing.  I found that not only was I getting stronger physically but also I was getting stronger mentally.  My performance at work has improved, I have developed a love for fitness, I am a more positive person, and I am really starting to enjoy life again.  This whole experience for me has been life changing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Since joining Faster Fitness, I have lost 22 pounds, 8% body fat and LOTS of inches over my entire body and I am continuing.  As long as you stay dedicated and implement what they are telling you, you will see results!

  • Mario Grijalva

    My name is Mario Grijalva and I started the six week challenge on 01/05/2014.  But I started taking a long look at myself back in late October.  What made me take inventory was looking at a picture of myself from one of our last vacations, and seeing how big I was!  I also had a few people question me when the topic of working out came up, even going as far to tell me "you work out?"  So I made the decision to make a change and coincidentally Ivan of Faster Fitness had a 6 week challenge starting in January.   So I went in, got weighted and measured (too heavy).  Ivan talked to me about diet, gave me plan to follow and a work out schedule.  I attended the workouts, boy were they tough!  I was doing exercises that I have never done in my life.  I stayed with it because I couldn't fine a reason to quit , outside of dying.  After doing the program I was able to see a change in my body ( I lost 26.4 pounds) and in my outlook on everything.  This small change has made a big impact on me and it has made me more positive.  With the guidance of Ivan and Faster Fitness and the support of my wife JoAnn I am well on my way!

  • Brittany

    I could not be more proud of myself! In just 5 weeks I lost 2 pounds, 5 inches and 4% body fat! I also gained 6 pounds of muscle and a crazy amount of confidence  My hard work is finally paying off.

  • Courtney

    Beyond the hours of hard work, months of dedication, high consistency, and strong determination this photo does not show the lifestyle change I have received by being a member with Faster Fitness. Within my first week, I quickly realized that Faster Fitness is not like any other training gym that I have been to. Everyone in the gym is like family; you all create a strong team bond and consistently drive each other through the entire workout. Not only do you create a strong bond with the team but with the coaches as well. The coaches strive to make everyone that step a foot in the door 1% better everyday. Their passion and determination towards the team and workouts is not found in any other gym. I was not only given the results I had dreamed for, but a complete lifestyle change. Faster Fitness has given me a variety of valuable strengths that I will carry with me forever.



Questions? Give Us A Call at (714) 397-9765

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